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One of the leading manufacturers of PC components worldwide is now in accordance with GHG Protocol Corporate standards

Taipei, Taiwan –June 23, 2010 -- TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, received a certification of “GreenHouse Gas (GHG) Inventory” (ISO14064-1). The certification is proof that TUL is committed to protect the global environment and become a sustainable green enterprise. As a worldwide consensus for global warming and environmental change, many countries have drafted greenhouse gas reduction strategies and measures. As a global citizen, TUL has voluntarily begun implementing greenhouse gas inventories; built a greenhouse gas inventory management system and actively promoted low carbon living to reduce greenhouse gases effectively.

“We all know that the climate and environment has gradually deteriorated by greenhouse gases; we also understand the earth has limited tolerance and we are moving toward this critical point,” said Ted Chen, C.E.O of TUL Corporation. “It’s our corporate responsibility to work hard and actively promote greenhouse gas emission controls. Hopefully by doing this, we can bring some positive impacts to the society and effect more people to protect the earth by reducing the greenhouse gases.”

To achieve self set goals, TUL, in accordance with the GHG Protocol Corporate standard and ISO-14064, will undertake efforts to reduce the corporation’s GHG emissions via specific GHG reduction projects. TUL has also established internal documentation and verification procedures that will enable us to implement effective reduction programs. Looking ahead to the future, we will keep promoting greenhouse gas emission controls via strengthening internal policy in efficient resource use and energy conservation, ensuring a sustainable green environment.